Newsletter Spring 2024

How are You? 

As we enter spring, I invite you to pause and ask yourself where you are at in your journey right now and what dreams & hopes may be surfacing for you.

I’ve had some big projects that are starting to come to life and it feels wonderful (& also scary)! 

Not the least of which, Im so excited to be offering several local circle & yoga events this spring and we just got funding for a fall retreat for those working in the fields of climate change and land conservation to be hosted at Milford House – woot woot!


Quick Grounding Meditation 7 mins

Enjoy this brief meditation that invites a sense of grounding and calm. Perfect for those transitions in your day where you have a few moments to yourself to tune in & meet yourself with compassion.

This practice includes a body scan and grounding technique that invites a sense of spaciousness and gratitude that will help you find a still point in your day, no matter what you have going on.