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Sally founded Sacred Circles and is a Courage & Renewal® Facilitator who enjoys leading retreats and workshops virtually and in person in Nova Scotia, Canada. She specialises in creating spaces of reflection and renewal for those working in the fields of climate change and sustainability, as well as for a wonderful local community where she lives.

With an intimate and down-to-earth approach, Sally is skillful at creating circles of embodied presence, self-inquiry, and connection. She delights in sharing the Courage & Renewal approach through a nature-based, mindfulness lens.

Her spiritual practices around yoga and meditation keep her grounded and joyful and deeply inform her work.

Sally loves creating spaces where the wisdom of yoga and meditation can be utilised as well as poetry, being in nature and journaling to access your own inner voice and wisdom and release what’s holding you back from living in alignment with your truest desires.

This work of self realisation is often solitary, but through a combination of quiet reflection and invitational sharing in a circle, these spaces build community and connections with others and give you a sense of belonging, insight and joy.

“I attended Sally’s yoga and circle event on beautiful Fancy Lake. Sally helped to create an inclusive and welcoming environment and I felt so rejuvenated after that afternoon. I appreciated the chance to move my body in community with others, having the space for individual reflection, and the chance to share meaningfully within a circle of trust. It was a truly lovely experience!” -Corie Olson

Abit more about Sally… She is passionate about yoga and has completed her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and is currently working on her 300 hour Teacher Training focusing on Tantra Hatha Yoga, Himalayan Breathwork & Meditation.

Sally also has over 25 years of service as an ecologist and planner and currently looks after wild spaces in this part of Canada. She enjoys paddling and hiking in these stunning natural areas whenever she can and also just loves just hanging out at their home on the lake with her two children, Maya and Neco and her partner, Dave.

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How are You?  As we enter spring, I invite you to pause and ask yourself where you are at in your journey right now and what dreams & hopes may be surfacing for you. I’ve had some big projects that are starting to come to life and it feels wonderful (& also scary)!  Not the least of which, Im so excited to be offering several local circle & yoga events this spring and we just got funding for a fall retreat for those working in the fields of climate change and land conservation to be hosted at Milford House – woot woot! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!

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Enjoy this brief meditation that invites a sense of grounding and calm. Perfect for those transitions in your day where you have a few moments to yourself to tune in & meet yourself with compassion. This practice includes a body scan and grounding technique that invites a sense of spaciousness and gratitude that will help you find a still point in your day, no matter what you have going on.

What Makes You Come Alive? – A Weekly Retreat Series Exploring the Power of Awe, Wonder, Resilience, and Delight

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