We live in challenging and complex times, where technology enables us to be hyper-connected to our work and to one another at all hours of the day, and where loneliness exists as a real health epidemic. At the same time, we know beauty, joy, and wonder also exist, because we’ve experienced it. Our hearts are ever-holding the tension of what author and activist Parker J. Palmer refers to as, “harsh realities” and “real-life possibilities”.

We explored this theme at a mini retreat I recently cofacilitated and it was a great success! We were joined by people working in the fields of climate change, land conservation, species at risk, healthcare and education, amongst others.

It was such a nourishing and wonderful experience!

It is so easy to get stressed out given what we are carrying in our personal lives as well as the various poly crises of our time..

And as humans, we can move into ‘fight, fight or freeze’ modes, and that really takes us out of that capacity to roll up our sleeves and find hope and keep engaging in the important work we are doing.

I know that I struggle with this in my work as an ecologist and I know I’m not alone.

So having practises like Yoga Nidra, mindfulness, and also a community to share it all with can really bring us back to more equilibrium..

& joy!

& by sharing our experiences (as we are comfortable), we also feel a little less alone and while alot more connected – to ourselves, to each other and the world.

It was

Thank you to all who attended and big thanks to Tara Reynolds of Tandem Truths Consulting for cofacilitating with me.