What if you could uncover a natural sense of awe and resilience that empowers you to live more grounded in your own truth and wholeness? As the world’s challenges continue, more than ever we need ways to refresh our energies, calm our anxieties, and attend to our own well-being. We welcome you to join us in an exploration of these themes in an experiential 5-week online series.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and go do that, because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.  –Howard Thurman

One potentially powerful intervention is rarely talked about: The cultivation of experiences of awe. Like gratitude and curiosity, awe can leave us feeling inspired and energized. It’s another way that we can build resilience and move us toward more wholeness instead of perfection.

In this experiential 5-week online series, we warmly welcome you to join us on this exploration of wonder, awe, and delight to help build your personal resilience and deepen your connection to your true self and what makes you come alive.

There will be various experiential practice opportunities to enjoy, including simple meditation and breathwork (pranayama) weaved into the series, as well as one session centered around gentle movement & a beautiful Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation practice).

Turn to Wonder is not only an important Touchstone of Courage & Renewal programs, it is a core practice of the Courage approach.   When we are able to pause, raise our awareness, and transform judgements into curiosities, we expand possibilities for ourselves and others. New scientific research around awe shows that this unique emotional state sharpens our reasoning, orients us towards big ideas, and helps us cultivate resilience.  

Drawing from an integrative approach, the series will invite you to access wonder, awe, delight, and resilience through:

  • Experiencing a trustworthy space where there is plenty of time for individual reflection, as well as generous listening & sharing;
  • Connecting with your authentic self in community, as well as with the natural world;
  • Enjoying the rare gift of time for rest and renewal;
  • Exploring different resilience practices and finding what works for you;
  • Learning how to ask powerful open and honest questions through the lens of wonder;
  • Discover the power of poetry, music and mind/body practices as it helps you reconnect with wonder, awe, and delight.

We hope you will leave this series with an opportunity to embrace ‘the genuine’ within yourself, and a chance to remember and honor the inherent value of every being. These are not choices we make just once, but ones that must be made time and again–for ourselves and our community. As we are renewed, we in turn can contribute to the renewal of our professions, workplaces, and ecosystems.

Please note: no prior experience with meditation, breathwork (pranayama) or yoga nidra is required. 

Clarity Triads:  While this retreat series will not include full Clearness Committees, it will include an opportunity for Clarity Triads (extended triad experiences), to help participants develop practices around asking Honest Open Questions, Deep Listening, as well as Silence, Mirroring, and Affirmations.


“A space to pause in life, to reflect and connect with others.  A space to remind yourself of what is important in life and what lights you up.” – Paula Crowell

 “We reflected on how to contribute to an increasingly fractured world without getting lost in hopelessness at the magnitude of the issues facing us. It is this practice of resiliency that I feel is so essential for young leaders and activists to develop “  – Past participant, (Nova Scotia) Courage to Lead® Retreat

“I attended Sally’s yoga and circle event on beautiful Fancy Lake. Sally helped to create an inclusive and welcoming environment and I felt so rejuvenated after that afternoon. I appreciated the chance to move my body in community with others, having the space for individual reflection, and the chance to share meaningfully within a circle of trust. It was a truly lovely experience!” – Corie Olson