Jan 26 2022

It’s Bell “Lets Talk Day”… This is a chance to honor the importance of looking after our mental health..

Its hard to reach out – especially when we are feeling down… I know, I’ve been there (& often!).. and when we do find someone we can talk to – all we really want is that sense of connection, of being understood. This is what grounds us the most & it’s what gets us out of bed the next day – despite what we are going through.

We can think about how to create a space for others to share that is confidential and welcoming for them to talk and be listened to in this deeper way. One of the cornerstones of the circles I host is, “No fixing, saving or advising”. It is one of the hardest guidelines for those of us who like to help, but it is essential to welcoming others, essential for allowing them to hear themselves & let their own wisdom about the situation emerge.

Just empathy, just acceptance.. no solutions..

So, if you can reach out to someone who may be having a hard time and just listen, hold space & keep this cornerstone in mind –

It changes everything.

PS Shout out to the people that love and listen to me in dark times.. Thank you! @megslikesyellow @diannes1978 @david.mackinnon2 @pine_tar_girl @lucyhendrixson @ajscottpetite @karineyyz @kristyb1303 @paula_crowell @staceygodsoe @crazy_nan13 @amanda_ring_wellness

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