Super excited to have collaborated with my friends and colleagues at Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute a non-profit co-operative with a mandate to promote, conserve and sustain biodiversity in Kespukwitk (southwestern Nova Scotia). We now have a $10,000 from the Joan Feynman Climate Action Grant received through Rural Communities Foundation of NS and will be holding a 3 day event @merseychalets with my mentor Brian Braganza of @tandemtruths. Thank you Brian for being the best mentor anyone could ask for – you have inspired me with your kindness, your curiosity, your incredible facilitation skills and your ability to lead from where you stand. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Brian and I will be co-hosting a professional leadership and development event for people working in the fields of climate change & land conservation. Woo hoo! We are designing this program because there is a lot to hold when you are working on the front lines of the climate & biodiversity crises and while urgent action is needed for these urgent times; also creating spaces for these hard-working people to pause & reflect – in solitude and in community is vital for their own long term self-sustainability.

It is all is a dream coming true!