Igniting your Inner Wisdom

Igniting Inner Wisdom – Recharge and Reconnect Within It is important to take time for ourselves to recharge and reconnect within, otherwise it’s easy to get off kilter with world news and everything that’s happening with Covid, including the various lockdowns & restrictions we have gone through over several years Read more…

Newsletter Vol 2

Joy !

As we approach the holidays, there is an opening to invite more joy into our lives, a sense of belonging within ourselves and a closeness to the aspect of our being that is grounded and calm, yet unafraid and blissful. That part of us that is deeply serene, resolutely at peace.
How do you nurture a sense of joy?
I wanted to check-in with you and this beautiful community that has been coming together over the past year to connect and wish you a Happy Holidays, as well as provide a poem & some journal prompts.